Experimental virtual reality experience developed by Engine Creative

The Engine Creative team has looked to take the AR game experience into the world of virtual reality

After the successful launch of the BiC Kids DrawyBook app (65,000 game session in 2 week period following launch) the Engine Creative team has looked to take the augmented reality game experience into the world of VR.

Designed to become an in-store or event based virtual reality experience, kids will be able to explore the DrawyBook world and interact with the characters from the stories in an immersive VR environment. Whilst the project is still in alpha phase, it is hoped that the VR experience will be able to be deployed in select stores to enhance the traditional POS.

This long term brand strategy to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds and create even greater engagement that resonates with the younger audience has already helped BiC to leapfrog its competitors on digital platforms (the DrawyBook app is currently top in the kids 6-8 category on the App Store in France where the app was launched).

This innovative approach is set to make BiC Kids the number one colouring brand for parents and children looking to unlock their creativity in an increasingly connected world.