Engine Creative recognised in the Top 100 Most Awarded Agencies of 2014

Being recognised in the Top 100 Most Awarded Agencies by The Drum is a reflection of the range of innovative and creative projects that Engine Creative has delivered in a busy 12 months. It’s been a good year, a very good year. With 13 wins and nominations across 5 flagship industry awards, 2014 has seen our hard work and dedication to digital innovation well rewarded.

Rather than dwelling on past achievements, we’d like to take the opportunity to usher in 2015 and boldly predict that it’s going to be an even more rewarding year than 2014.

With CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 coming to a close it’s clear that consumers of all shapes and sizes are becoming even more connected to multiple smart devices. It’s not news to us or many in the creative industries, but it is heartening to see the technology and digital innovations we’ve been developing solutions for becoming second nature to mainstream audiences.

Our augmented reality and location aware platform, Reality Engine, taps into the needs of these smart consumers and enables brands to integrate engaging and useful digital experiences into print, packaging and the real world. Reality Engine is already powering smart mobile solutions for retailers (Tesco) and publishers (Bauer) and we’re looking forward to enabling other brands and partners to build new audience engagement by connecting the real world with the digital world over the coming months.

So, here’s to 2015; a smarter, more connected year than the last where digital innovation will be the biggest winner.