Clubland: 10 Years at the top

This is the Big One, 10 years of Clublands’ musical goodness all wrapped up into 4 bumper filled CDs and packaged under the perfect title of Ultimate Clubland!


So it was 10 years ago that the design geniuses here at Engine HQ decided to create a logo full of dots and stick a silhouette of a dancer on the cover.  Since then we’ve created everything from lollypops to condoms, camper vans to t-shirts and, of course, all of the albums!

We were also the originators of the incredibility successful Clubland Babe competition, which was a first for the industry.  Long before the days of ‘LIKES’ and ‘TWEETS’, we decided to come up with a unique idea of having someone from the general public on the front of not only a dance album, but the most successful dance album around!  These were all incredibly successful with web traffic going crazy during its running time.  The voting on the Clubland site was so popular that Universal had to move the site to a new server as it crashed all of their other sites.  Why?  Over 15 million hits in a month, that’s why!

Talking about web traffic, that reminds me of the interactive game we created to prompt the release of the Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 2 album.  The Clubland XXX game was a phenomenal success, with people playing from all over the world.  I guess today this would have been something that would be #trending.

Clubland now infiltrates all of your regular social networks including FacebookYoutube, Twitter, Soundcloud and their Website and continues to grow year on year.  With album sales alone of over 8 million, we look forward to the next 10 years of Clubland.

I’ve put together a little scrapbook of a few Clubland images from over the years; album artwork, stickers, tv adverts, digital booklets, websites, icons, t-shirts, photography shoots – it’s all here.  Oh, and a little unseen treat of a cover that never happened (I’m good to you guys).


Pick up a copy of Ultimate Clubland at Play or iTunes now.

And that’s not all!

To celebrate the fact that it’s Clublands’ 10th Anniversary we’re giving away an extra special prize; this incredibly rare Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 3 (A1 Size) canvas.  There were only 2 of these ever produced, one went to the guys at AATW, the other one has been hanging up here at Engine Towers.  That’s it, there are NO MORE, and we’re giving it away to a new home.

All you have to do is TWEET THIS!:

RT to WIN: An ultra rare #Clubland Hardcore promo canvas created by @enginecreative #win


We’ll pull a lucky winner from the virtual hat on the 3rd of April.

Good luck!