Augmented Christmas magic is all around with Santa Vision

Ever wish you could flick a switch to see the world through Santa’s eyes?  With Tesco’s new ‘Santa Vision’ feature on the Tesco Discover app you can do just that by creating some augmented Christmas magic at the tap of a button.

Location aware augmented Christmas magic

The ‘Santa Vision’ feature is integrated into the new Store Locator section of the Tesco Discover augmented reality app. Store Locator uses GPS, device orientation and location hotspots to help Tesco customers find their nearest Tesco store using visual search. If users want to add some augmented Christmas magic then the ’Santa Vision’ view provides a 360˚ North Pole scene. Tesco customers can still use the Store Locator functionality whilst in ‘Santa Vision’ and can also explore the North Pole to find Rudolf and his team of reindeers flying amongst the Northern Lights.


Contextual marketing solutions

Whilst this unique combination of augmented reality and location aware functionality is just a bit of festive fun, it hints towards a contextual marketing future full of new opportunities.  Having the ability to deliver timely content based on specific user location will enable marketeers to target messages more effectively and deliver content that end users really care about when and where they want it.

As a leader in the field of augmented reality solutions for brands, we are working on creating innovative and interactive content but making it even more useful to users based on their context and driven by rich and dynamic data. With the number of connected devices – mobiles, tablets, wearables, etc. – becoming more widespread we also want to make sure that augmented reality (AR) experiences adapt accordingly.

We want AR to be seen as the natural bridge between the real and digital worlds and if a little bit of augmented Christmas magic helps us get there then great!