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Digital transformation has accelerated out of necessity

With an accelerated reliance on digital technologies, from virtual events and e-learning to digital shoppers driving innovation in e-commerce, digital transformation has become a vital way for organisations to grow and thrive in the new reality.

Recent events have forced organisations of all shapes and sizes, and across all sectors to rethink how they run their business.

It’s no shock to anyone that has spent an increasing amount of their work-life online that recent research has shown that Covid-19 has accelerated UK digital transformation efforts by over five years. Further research suggests that 70% of executives have accelerated the pace of their digital transformation because of the pandemic.

accelerated digital transformation strategy

Design thinking is the key to a successful digital transformation strategy

Whilst much of this recent activity has been driven out of necessity, successful digital transformation strategies have been the key driver for business success for decades, with 5 digital giants (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft) dominating the US stock market.

Digital innovators US stock market - digital transformation strategy

Organisations that are able to leverage design thinking into their digital transformation are making the most market gains. Innovation isn’t simply about adopting new technologies such as AI, AR and IoT, but rather it is about identifying how emerging tech can enhance products, services, processes, and culture, and design new and improved ways of doing things.

For many businesses, the hard part is finding the right partner to turn ideas around digital transformation into deliverable solutions without the necessary digital, creative or strategic skills available in-house.

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With over 20 years of digital innovation experience behind us, and as a preferred supplier for global organisations including Network Rail, Mastercard, and Honeywell, Engine Creative are trusted partners when it comes to delivering digital transformation strategy.

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As well as having everything in place to mitigate the risks involved in implementing change – from proven design processes and certification such as Cyber Essentials – we have a long record of successfully delivering digital innovation time and time again.

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