3 steps to launching a truly immersive virtual event

By breaking down the process of launching an immersive virtual event we hope to help with the transition from traditional events to engaging and interactive virtual events as simple as possible.

The events industry has had to rapidly speed up the adoption of virtual events in recent times and for some events professionals this pivot to delivering event experiences remotely has raised a number of creative and logistical challenges. In many ways, setting up an immersive virtual event is similar to the process of organising a traditional live event and, to help set you on your way, we’ve broken things down into 3 simple steps:

1. Set up your virtual event platform

Just like a traditional event, you need to start with the right environment to host your virtual event. This all starts with a branded digital platform (a website) where all of your visitors go to explore, participate, and network.

Our virtual event solution includes everything you need to run a successful event, from event registration (pre-registration and on-the-day login) and event agenda and information, to a virtual event space including reception and event stage(s), and exhibition halls with product booths that can run live or on-demand video and manage live Q&A sessions. As networking is one of the key benefits of any event, live video streams, webinars, and chat rooms are included as standard to act as virtual networking areas.

Immersive virtual event solution

2. Fill your virtual event with great content

With your virtual event platform in place, you need to make sure that the event is filled with rich and immersive content. This really is the key part of any successful event, whether it is virtual or not – great content and experiences are the difference between a memorable event that is a success for exhibitors and attendees, and a forgettable event which adds little or no value.

So, what does great content look like in a virtual event scenario? We have already talked about 5 ways to transform your event with augmented and virtual reality, and XR content is definitely a great way to enhance any event.

Great immersive virtual event content - XR, AR and VR

But great event content should also be varied content that is unique and engaging, relevant and useful to the audience, and delivered in an accessible way to event visitors. Again, this is true of both virtual and traditional events, and for all types of events, conferences and exhibitions, the focus should be placed on quality content above all else.

Take a new product launch scheduled for release at a sales event for example; whether it’s using an AR product demo, a VR product experience, or a high-end product explainer video, the key is to use digital technology to create the very best event content possible.

3. Launch, run and analyse your virtual event

So, it’s the big day and it’s time to launch and run the event and, just as you would expect from a traditional event, we can provide all of the support (from technical event management to production consultancy) to make sure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Our experienced production team can also set up high-quality live presentations and demos for your big day, and deliver live presenter feeds mixed with slide decks and pre-existing videos, live Q&A sessions, and audience polls, all managed with 4G back-up to ensure content is always accessible.

And, in terms of data capture and analytics, a virtual event lends itself perfectly to tracking and measuring every interaction, with Google Analytics integrated into our virtual event platform.

As well as providing a range of impressive event analytics, all presentations can be made available on-demand to watch post-event, and we can also provide delegate feedback evaluation forms for further insights.

Reydar 3D virtual event solution

As well as offering bespoke solutions to help you launch your virtual event, we have developed a packaged virtual event solution that is built on our award-winning AR platform, Reydar. The packaged solution consists of a 3D experiential event hub, live event upgrades, and AR experience upgrades.

Unlike most virtual event solutions on the market that offer little more than an enhanced event website, Reydar’s virtual event platform provides you with a super-charged virtual event experience jam-packed with unique 3D immersive and explorable event spaces and enhanced AR content.

Reydar - immersive virtual event solution

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