3 routes to launching your AR brand strategy

With a forecasted user base of 1 billion people by 2020, AR (augmented reality) is tipped to become the 8th mass media – sitting pretty alongside the big guns of TV, radio and print.

The infinite potential for building engagement using AR is now well-established with a whopping 70% of users stating that they believe AR can bring them benefits as consumers. With this in mind, it is clear that there has never been a better time to kick start your AR brand strategy.

So, we thought we’d shed some light on the 3 routes you can take to begin your very own augmented reality journey…

1. Call in the AR experts

Deciding to introduce AR into your marketing strategy is a great first step – but who do you turn to if you want to bring your vision to life?

It can be overwhelming trying to find a partner to support your ambitions, what with everyone and their mum claiming to be the next big thing in ‘disruptive tech’.

At Engine Creative, we like to keep things simple. We have been in the business of AR since 2011, when we created the first ever augmented magazine for BBC’s Top Gear, and we have not taken our augmented foot off of the gas since working to deliver AR brand strategy for clients including Argos, Lacoste and BiC.

As AR experts, both technically and creatively, we are able to guide brands every step of the way – from concept to launch, and beyond. Whatever your knowledge or experience with AR we can work collaboratively with you to create a custom solution, embedding AR into your business and ensuring that your vision comes to life exactly the way you want it.

2. Plug into a ready-made AR platform

Reydar is our ready-made AR platform, created with your business in mind by our team of augmented reality experts meaning it is perfectly placed to bring your brand to life quickly and cost-effectively.

Reydar is ready to host almost any AR experience you can dream up and provides the perfect platform for you to kick start your AR brand strategy, without the additional cost and time required to develop a native app.

With the full support of our committed team of developers, you can trust that your experience will be maintained and supported throughout your campaign to get you the best return on your investment.

Reydar - AR brand strategy

Reydar provides the best of both worlds and is already a preferred AR platform for brands including Dell and Samsung; providing them with the freedom to craft their own unique AR experiences with the full support of a creative team to deliver it.

3. Do it yourself

The third option open to you is to create your own AR brand strategy from scratch in-house.

First, you will need a five-star team around you, featuring a combination of mixed reality and UX experts, all of whom know what they are doing when it comes to user-centric AR design. These will need to be integrated with a team of experienced developers who know their way around Unity and have experience launching and maintaining complex app solutions.

AR experts for your AR brand strategy

As well as the team, you will need a vision of exactly how augmented reality will work best for your business, taking into account your existing strategic goals, and aligning them to the technology landscape.

If you need support in this area then just drop us an email.

Bring your brand to life with AR

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