Apple really could take over the world

Here at Engine Creative, Apple has pretty much been No.1 for over 15 years.

For everyone else (anyone outside of the creative industries and under 25 that is) the rise and iRise of Apple and particularly the iPhone cannot go unnoticed. It is impossible to go a day without seeing a ‘life changing’ App or technical feature which will make day to day life a little easier.

The non-users out there feel like outsiders looking into the popularity circle; well I know I do. After all “if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone”. Or, let me put it another way, if you don’t have an iPhone the chances are you want an iPhone.

This clever marketing leads to the unsurprising fact that Apple have overtaken both Nokia and Samsung with record Smartphone sales hitting 110 million units in the second quarter of the year. Apple came out on top selling 20.3 million handsets, being named the “star performer” in the latest research.

Apple’s success goes further than soaring iPhone sales. Latest figures suggest that Apple has more money in the bank than its home country government, Yes, more money than the USA government. The United States Treasury department reported that the government have a balance of around £45.3 billion whilst Apple are sitting with £46.9 billion in the bank.

Industry monopoly is always an issue but when Apple produce the type of products they do is anyone really going to complain? More to the point, maybe Mr Jobs should have a chat with Mr Obama about balancing the books.

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