Balls of Meat vs Exploding Jelly

As promised cooking thursday kicked off (a little later than planned) with a huge bang.

Phil was up first and surprised the studio with shiny new pots and pans ready for the cook-offs to follow.

The balls of meat

The first course of chips and dip sparked a dipping frenzy but that was nothing for what was about to follow. Phil served up homemade spaghetti meatballs on a very generous pile of pesto pasta, cooked to perfection. In normal Phil style there is always a nice treat on the side, today it was in the form of bottled beer.

FizzWizz jelly

Dessert came shorty afterwards… jelly Phil style, this meant that our jelly was topped off with FizzWizz popping candy. An ingredient which I personally think should become mandatory in all Thursdays to follow.

Paul and Michaela eating

Andy is next to don the chefs hat, with rumors of a full traditional roast or a rack of lamb.

Let’s hope we can all maintain the standard already set.

  • Tim

    The bar is being set really high for “Cooking Thursday” – need to start thinking about what I’m going to cook!!

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