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The Impact of AI on the Creative Industry - White Paper

The Impact of AI on the Creative Industry

We have conducted a first-of-its-kind study on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the creative industry. The study surveyed creatives across different roles, ages, and industries, revealing the following key findings:

  • The creative industry is highly aware of AI’s presence and potential impact.
  • Most creatives believe that AI will improve or streamline their workflow (71.7%) and expect it to impact their roles within the next decade (74.3%).
  • Only a small percentage (6.2%) of respondents strongly agreed that AI threatens their job security.
  • While opinions on AI’s long-term potential are divided, the majority are cautiously optimistic.

The study provides unprecedented insights into the attitudes, concerns, and expectations surrounding AI in the creative space. Despite this, many creatives remain sceptical about the quality of AI-generated content. Nearly half (48.7%) believe that AI will never surpass the quality of human-produced content. The study also found that creatives who use AI more frequently have a more positive outlook on its potential, suggesting that firsthand experience leads to increased optimism.

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