Fix360 Brand Strategy and Brand Development


Building a brand strategy from the ground up

Faced with an urgent need to create a new brand identity from the ground up for a new property maintenance service, Your Housing Group needed an efficient and effective brand development process to enable them to deliver everything from the brand proposition to the company uniform in double-quick time.

Starting with a structured Brand Workshop involving key stakeholders (including representatives from the Board, Marketing, Operations and HR), we first established a clear brand proposition closely aligned to the business plan which provided a solid platform for the creative process.

Creating a future-proof brand identity

With a strong foundation in place, the naming process began, guided by the newly established mission, vision and values.

Fix360 soon emerged as a clear winner as it clearly reflected the no-nonsense, fully-rounded service offering, and helped to position the new company as an innovative market leader, differentiated from its competitors.

This progressive outlook marketplace during the design process, with a modern brand identity which was carefully crafted to thrive in the traditional (man in a van) repairs and maintenance world, as well as the innovative digital world where technology is used to streamline business process and improve the customer experience.

Launching the new brand into the market

With the groundwork done, the job of designing and documenting the wide-ranging brand assets for launching the new company moved into full production mode.

As well as standard brand identity guidelines (typography, iconography, imagery, tone of voice, etc), the key business processes (from booking confirmation emails to text push notifications) were considered and designed to ensure that the new Fix360 business was primed and ready to launch with all eventualities covered.

Fix360 successfully launched into the marketplace, supported by a brand identity which was delivered efficiently and effectively thanks to a clearly defined brand development process, and the insights we helped discover in the very first Brand Workshop facilitated at the beginning of the project.