An Award-Winning Augmented Reality Platform

Ping your products to life with Reydar

Reydar Showreel

Reydar is an augmented reality app and product experience platform that pings products to life.

Reydar is an AR app and virtual product experience platform for brands, business and retailers.
Reydar adds a whole new immersive dimension to the way customers experience and shop for products forever.

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Brands, businesses and retailers on Reydar

Some of the biggest brands in the UK and worldwide are making use of Reydar’s Augmented Reality Platform.

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See Reydar and AR in action

Watch our explainer video to see how you can get the most of Reydar for your brand.

Benefits for brands and retailers



  • Deeper engagement – Reydar deepens brand conversations
  • Inspiring conversations – Social sharing built-in
  • Brand relevancy – Unlock your most valuable brand assets with digital experiences
  • Award-winning content creators – We’ll take care of your campaign with our consultancy and custom solutions
  • Brand advocacy – Social integration to boost word of mouth promotion through shareable content
  • Anything, anytime, anywhere – No limits and endless possibilities
  • Useful curiosity – Fuel your customer’s curiosity to discover more