Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building a Brand Identity for Castlemore Homes

Castlemore Homes are focused on designing and building sustainable homes with great design. At the heart of their philosophy lies four guiding principles: people, design, innovation, and ethics.

Their commitment to these values drives their actions and paves the way to a better future, ensuring that every decision made is in the pursuit of their mission.

Engine Creative partnered with Castlemore Homes to develop an aspirational, warm, and friendly brand identity that promoted immediate and long-term growth.

The challenge

The campaign aimed to:

  • Reflect the company’s vision and values to enable immediate and long-term growth
  • Build trust with suppliers, partners, communities, and customers
  • Differentiate the brand from competitors while retaining the broad appeal
  • Champion smart technology and the benefits of great design

A versatile yet attentive brand toolkit and website build were needed to give Castlemore Homes a strong foundation to launch its brand across various channels. The challenge was to enter a competitive market and to create a narrative to show how building better lives for everyone can lead to a sustainable, happier future.

Our approach

Working closely with Castlemore Homes, we focused on designing a cohesive visual language that reflects their core values and vision.

By meticulously crafting a visual narrative that champions smart technology and great design, we’ve created a brand that radiates warmth, friendliness, sustainability, and a forward-thinking attitude.

Our approach involved crafting elements such as logo, colour, typography, iconography, pattern, photography & CGI treatment, and tone of voice & messaging, which synergy brings the brand to life.

This comprehensive and flexible brand system was designed to allow for seamless adaptation across various channels and touchpoints, ensuring consistency and a strong brand presence.

The results

The launch of Castlemore Homes’ new website marked a significant milestone in our collaboration, laying the groundwork for a strong foundation and a better future for the brand. By seamlessly incorporating Castlemore Homes’ brand values and mission into the website’s design and content, we have created an online presence that reflects the company’s future vision.

Alongside this, implementing the brand toolkit has ensured consistency across Castlemore Homes’ marketing collateral. Together, these achievements have set the stage for a future where Castlemore Homes continue to thrive and grow, leaving a lasting impact on their customers and the home-building industry.