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Marketers waste money on digital

With recent research highlighting that only 9% of digital advertising is viewed for more than a second, it’s clear that something is going very, very wrong in the world of digital marketing.

This is one of the reasons that we believe that it’s time to move beyond ‘tradigital’ (traditional digital) channels to help our clients remain relevant to their fast-moving, always-connected audiences.

The rise of mobile technology means that your audience has never been closer. Whether by smartphone, tablet, or even a good old-fashioned desktop, we’ve got a track record of creating ingenious digital media campaigns that deliver on your goals.

University of Northampton – Student Recruitment Campaign

Multi-channel Campaign development for the University of Warwick 

Super-charged digital marketing designed to increase brand engagement

So, what would ‘moving beyond tradigital channels’ actually mean to your digital strategy if you work with Engine Creative?

Firstly, we’d look at how engaged your customers are, and your methods for measuring this. As well as looking at engaging with your audience on social media or through targeted PPC campaigns, we will explore the channels that are currently delivering increased brand engagement. We would then work with you to define new brand engagement objectives, and develop a plan for bringing your brand to life through the right content and channel mix.

We know that AR delivers super-charged dwell times compared to tradigital channels and that Pokémon GO has blown all the old engagement metrics out of the water, so expect an augmented solution to be part of your new digital marketing mix!

Features & Benefits:

  • Proposal and campaign brief
  • Defined audience and objectives
  • Development of images and assets
  • Total campaign management
  • Post-launch support, including live data analysis