Brand Consultancy

We partner with your team to give you a long-term direction, not just a one-off destination

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Know your brand, grow your business

Research shows that marketers that can link brand engagement to business growth are the business leaders of the future.

The way that you manage your brand has a fundamental impact on your ability to reach your business goals. Our brand consultancy service puts us on-hand to guide our clients to achieve growth by clearly linking the fortunes of the brand with the development of the business.

Understanding if your current brand value proposition is viable is the first step to putting yourself and your business on the right track.

Fix 360: Building a brand strategy from the ground up


Major: Rebranding design and implementation

Redefine your brands value proposition

You may be building a new business from the ground up or refreshing an existing one. Either way, you’ve got everything to gain from talking to our experienced creative team.

From helping you to understand your brand positioning to finding ways to expand your reach, we’ll give you a roadmap for building your business into the brand that you want it to be.

Talk to us today to redefine your brand for the future.

Features & Benefits:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Key stakeholder involvement
  • Analysis and research
  • Defined objectives for brand development
  • Development of brand strategy
  • Understand business viability
  • Post-consultancy support