The Challenge

Get an established retail website to work harder and smarter.

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Viking predominantly trades with B2B customers but has also developed a growing base of B2C customers through its consumer website and expanding product offering. This shift from a strong B2B foundation to a wider B2B and B2C customer base has required a clear and positive transition driven by online marketing.


Since creating and developing email marketing solutions for a Christmas campaign in 2009, Engine Creative has worked closely with the online team at Viking to review and rework various elements of the online presence and drive online sales. As well as creating a range of PPC banners in various formats (MPUs, leaderboards, skyscrapers) and page takeover assets, Engine Creative has also consulted on site usability to ensure that users are engaged with the product offering and are also able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
The Payback
  • Ongoing multivariate testing has delivered increased revenue for Viking across all products.
  • Campaign assets created for the Christmas 2010 helped Viking to achieve their single biggest seasonal sales.
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