The Challenge

Condense the aspirations of a thriving university into an engaging animation.

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After becoming preferred creative suppliers following an extensive tendering process, we set about reviewing existing collateral with the marketing team at The University. Pulling together all of the recent achievements of The University it was clear that we needed to communicate the diversity and scope of activity in a succinct and memorable way to different target audiences.


Our 3D animated mission video sets the scene for creating a strong and positive voice for The University brand across all communications; one that celebrates success, enables individuals and organisations to achieve their aspirations in a supportive and personable environment. Available online and used in university presentations, 'Revealed' is an engaging animation which communicates the multitude of positive effects that The University of Northampton has on the local community and, spreading outward, the world. The video cites The University as a catalyst for change, a centre for innovation and the beating heart of progress in the region.
The Payback
  • The video has been used as an introductory piece at events in the UK and the US.
  • An immersive version of the video enables users to interact with the 3D environment in the UK's leading 5 sided High Definition ActiveCube.
  • The University of Northampton generates a total impact of ~£341m on the UK
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