The Challenge

To reinvent pool in glorious 3D & interactive augmented reality that you can play on an image of anything.

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Born from the Engine Creative Labs as a R&D project, Reality Pool has been designed and developed as a unique and fun gaming experience which lets users play pool on an image of anything in augmented reality. There's no need to download and print any pre-set markers like other augmented reality apps. Simply take a photo of a target image to trigger the pool table and enjoy unique gameplay experience which has been reinvented in augmented reality to replicate the way you play pool in the real world.


If you fancy a game of pool in the pub with your mates but there’s either a) long queue or b) no pool table then Reality Pool is just what you’ve been looking for. Download the app, put a fiver on the table and challenge your mates to a game of classic 8 Ball without having to leave the comfort of your bar stool. The game features Reality and 2D mode, single and multiplayer, Game Center or pass & play options, in-app purchases and mini games. Download today and play for FREE!
The Payback
  • Play anytime, anywhere, on anything! No need to print off any pre-set marker images like other AR apps
  • Single and multiplayer Game centre or pass and play options
  • Simple thumb-friendly controls Stripped back interface let's you see more of the action
  • In-app purchases Cool and fun mini games such as Hot Shot, Cannon Ball and Safety

Download from the following:

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