The Challenge

Create and launch a super-addictive cat-based memory game on the App Store.

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Born from the passions of the Engine Creative Labs team as a R&D project, Number Dubs is a mobile gaming experience that was designed and developed as a way of exploring gaming techniques in app development. We wanted to develop a game that was incredibly simple to play which pushed the boundaries of sound design as part of the gaming experience. Say hello, or Meow to Number Dub.


Turtles, dubstep beats, mind warping graphics and a plethora of cats were all the ingredients we needed to insert into Unity and make the Number Dub magic happen.

Our simple memory game mixes awesome dubstep tunes with shout-out-loud graphics to give users an assault on their senses. Users just need to watch where the numbers are, ignore all of the distractions that are thrown at them, and then tap the correct sequence when they disappear. Sound easy? As users progress through the levels their finger-tapping and memory skills are put to the test as they unlock special bonus cat singing levels to become the ultimate Number Dub champ! To generate awareness of the app actively promoted the progress of the development through various social media channels. For the app launch we hit hard with a promotional campaign that tapped into the crazy surreal side of the game by injecting cool content across social channels (Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope) with a smorgasbord of cat-driven, multi-coloured, beat-heavy mayhem. Available to download on the App Store and Google Play.
The Payback
  • 5 star reviews on the app store.
  • No.1 App in 1 country - success!
  • Average user playtime of over 10 minutes.
  • Featured as What's Hot on the app store.
  • Top searched for app under ‘Cat Training.’
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