The Challenge

Deliver rich and interactive solutions for advertisers to help increase ad revenues and build stronger reader engagement.

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Since updating the iPad version of TopGear magazine, publishers Immediate Media have seen a dramatic increase in advertising revenue (200% in the first 3 months since the interactive version launched). With the rich interactive experience embedded into every issue of the magazine, readers expectations have also increased considerably and advertisers are looking to deliver more interactive and engaging experiences on the iPad.


After creating rich and engaging editorial content for TopGear Magazine, Engine Creative has been approached by a number of advertisers and media agencies to use our digital publishing expertise to create interactive iPad ads. Our work with Mazda for the launch of their new Mazda6 included creating and producing a content rich ad which enables readers to explore technical details which isn't possible on other platforms. The ad includes an animated intro, image gallery, technical data overlays and the current TVC.
The Payback
  • 200% ad revenues increase

    Interactive ads help publisher to increase ad revenues by 200%
  • Fully measurable interactions

    All interactions are measurable by the client enabling Mazda to accurately track the effectiveness of the new creative direction
  • Multiple solutions for interactive ads

    Ad solutions for the iPad can include multiple links ads, video ads, 360° image ads and bespoke HTML 5 ads
  • Featured in the iPad TopGear Magazine

    Over 12000 views of the Mazda6 ad in the July issue of TopGear Magazine on the iPad
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