The Challenge

Encourage tourists to visit heritage sites across South Wales.

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The Vale of Glamorgan council tasked Engine Creative with creating brand and associated video content to help them promote 26 lesser-known heritage sites across the county. This project involved not just putting our heads together with the client team at Creative Rural Communities, but also a steering group of local community members, local associations and historical societies. By asking probing questions and digging through research we gained fascinating local insight into the history and stories surrounding the locations within the Vale.


The client had decided that it would be best to split the Vale into four areas. Engine Creative produced a film for each of these 'hubs' that introduces all the locations within each using a timeless storyteller character. We also lovingly crafted a collection of micro-documentaries that focussed on a selection of the sites. These give potential visitors a smattering of information designed as a teaser encouraging a visit.
The Payback
  • Kiosks increasing awareness amongst locals and tourists.
  • Increased visits to lesser known tourist destinations.
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