The Challenge

Give Tesco shoppers exclusive access to the ChokaBlok factory without the need for a golden ticket via the magic of AR.

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Available exclusively through Tesco, ChokaBlok make and distribute indulgent ice cream and chocolatey treats packed full of goodies from their ChokaBlok factory in the UK. To promote the brand's tempting new range of chocolate blok flavours including Totally Minted, Very Berry Eton Mess, Excrème Brûlèe and Banoffee Bonanza, Engine Creative were tasked with developing a digitally enhanced shopping experience capable of taking the chocolate lover on a mouth-watering journey to the very heart of the ChokaBlok factory.


Engine Creative developed an Augmented Reality (AR) campaign, allowing customers to scan their ChokaBlok bar using the 'Tesco Discover' app to reveal a video of the ChokaBlok factory and the delicious chocolate range being created by the Choklateers. The video was shot on location by Engine Creative's video production team bringing the magic of the chocolate factory to ChokaBlok customers without the need for a golden ticket. The AR also encouraged consumers to share their love for the video and the ChokaBlok brand via social media interaction, building stronger brand engagement between Tesco and its customers.  
The Payback
  • Integrated with the Tesco Discover app

    Greater customer engagement with the ChokaBlok brand
  • Pioneering Choklateers

    Opportunity for customers to share their love for ChokaBlok through social media integration
  • Enhanced digital shopping experience

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