The Challenge

Spread a consistent message to thousands of employees across hundreds of sites in the UK.


Elior UK is a contract catering organisation and has 12,000 employees across 650 sites in the UK. It can be a challenge to spread a message to such a vast network, but Engine Creative pulled the spatula from the stone and took up the challenge. Over the past year we've created a series of films to aid internal communication across the business (and carefully created some external communications too).


We have created a wide variety of internal and external video content with Elior for a broad range of communication purposes. Traditionally training messages can be 'top-down' - upper management telling frontline staff how they should be working. Our 'Elior Experience' series turned this on its head and focused on spreading the messages associated with providing great customer service across the business and are very much driven by the frontline staff of Elior themselves. Other films for the company have seen us create corporate overviews integrating slow motion filming, graphics, animation and Augmented Reality to spread messages in new and innovative ways.
The Payback
  • Increased clarity of internal communication across the business
  • Strong uptake of company values and training messages
  • Positive feedback from attendees of training events
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