The Challenge

Launch a unique marketing awards event to a marketing-savvy B2B audience.

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The Festival of Marketing is a flagship event for the publishing powerhouse that is Centaur. Held in the dynamic Tobacco Dock venue, the Festival has been designed to be the antithesis of standard (and dull) conferences held up and down the country every week.


Marketing to marketers is notoriously difficult and so creating a brand and strategy that connects with the audience over a 6 month campaign required a different approach. By embracing the Festival theme at the heart of the event experience we created a brand befitting the stellar line-up of fantastic, mind blowing and hard to reach speakers.

From concept development and branding for the festival through to the sub-branding (and naming) of the new Masters of Marketing Awards, the Engine Creative team worked in collaboration with Centaur to plan out and deliver a 6 month marketing campaign.

The range of deliverables covers a broad spectrum of formats and channels - digital ads, email, direct mail, social media apps, video - in order to capture the attention of the diverse audience with personalisation across various channels integrated into the 3rd wave of activity. This highly targeted approach even extends the event where marketers with different backgrounds and expertise will be directed to different ‘experience zones’ based on their interests.

The Payback
  • Advertising campaign strategy guide and toolkit provided to Centaur editorial team.
  • Fresh campaign activity created and delivered every week across constantly changing media channels.
  • Social activity integrated into all campaign creative to encourage wider re-distribution of message.
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