TV & Video Production

Our talented video production team will help guide you through the sometimes complex world of the moving image. From your initial spark of an idea, through to the delivery of the finished film on time and on budget our team will help make your vision a reality.

The Brief
Our video production expertise makes us the ideal creative partners to help you come up with the right brief for your TV or Video Production project. We can help you figure out how to best tell your story and achieve your objectives.

With an agreed concept in place, we will create the final outline, script, storyboard or combination of the three that will serve as the template for production. Once this has been determined, preparation begins for video production. Film shoots are scheduled, actors booked, crew and equipment hired, animation teams assembled – anything that is required to make the project happen.

This is where project really starts to take shape – people are filmed, characters are animated and the concept is brought to life. It might be a single day of documentary-style shooting at your offices, a week long shoot with a cast and crew of 50 including studio and location work, or even a wholly animated production. Whatever the requirements to bring your vision to life, we will be on hand to help you out.

Finally, all creative assets are brought together. The filmed or animated production is edited and combined with motion graphics or visual effects. After approval of the rough cut, a music score is composed, the final cut is colour graded and the audio mixed to a broadcast standard. Quality is key we always ensure the final product is delivered to the highest level demanded by our client base.

Once the video production is complete, your product will be delivered in any format you’d like – HD, SD, MP4 or otherwise.

So if you have any TV & video production requirements, please feel free to send us a postcard or give us a call on 01604 453 177.

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