We love to eat, so Cooking Thursday is back

When I arrived at Engine Creative back in March I was told about the old ritual of ‘Cooking Thursday’ when everyone gets together for a [studio] cooked lunch. One person each Thursday, 3 courses, with the whole studio together.

It sounds fantastic. And now it’s back!

Partly spurred on by Creative Review’s recent question of the day post last month but more inspired by the general feel-good factor and warm, full stomach feeling we get from a good meal, from Thursday 1st September cooking Thursday will be a weekly event at Engine Creative with an official ‘order list’ posted on the fridge so there is no backing out.

Kicking off the party will be Phil… but what will be on the menu?

I’m told some of the previous meals have been pretty tasty and adventurous and each week the Chef will be posting a few main course choices on Facebook, for the studio to vote for their favourite.

Who needs Master Chef?

  • So many ideas, so little time. Beans on toast anyone?

  • With a bit of pepper and a dash of Tabasco sauce, that’d be fine for me!

  • Matt

    Curry always goes down well

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