Vive la Digital Publishing revolution!

As a forward-thinking digital agency, we have long championed the rise of digital publishing as an essential platform for publishers big and small to be on.  From global consumer publishers to B2B publishers, digital publishing delivers a much richer user experience and brings content to life in a way that print just can’t.  At Engine Creative we’ve already partnered with The Open University, The University of Northampton and TopGear Magazine to deliver bespoke digital publishing solutions and we are currently working with major UK organisations to help them improve internal communications using digital publishing solutions on mobile and tablet devices.

Our high-profile work for TopGear Magazine was referenced at the annual Adobe Digital Publishing Summit this May in New York as a digital solution which delivered impressive ROI figures for Immediate Media.

TopGear Results Adobe DPS

The summit gathered some of the most influential figures in publishing and the media to discuss Adobe’s digital publishing platform (Adobe DPS) and the successes, challenges and opportunities that the solution commands.  Publishers recognised that Adobe DPS is still in its early stages but that the popularity of interactive digital magazines is extremely high.  The Adobe summit also looked at the opportunity of using Adobe DPS within a corporate communication environment, allowing organisations the opportunity to save on costly paper-based communication methods in favour of producing interesting and interactive digital communication documents that will actively engage and educate the reader.

Digital publishing is completely revolutionising the way in which we consume our media and working closely with the major technology providers (Adobe for TopGear and Apple for our Open University iBooks solution) places Engine Creative and our clients in a prime position to make the most of the opportunities that the digital publishing revolution has to offer.

  • AdobeDigitalPub

    Congratulations! Exciting to see your work featured in the Top Gear presentation at Summit. Our team has posted video clips of the DPS Summit presentations, where you can watch the videos if you are interested in checking out more:

  • Engine Creative

    Thanks for the mention – we’re looking forward to delivering more great digital publications using Adobe DPS so we’d hope to be featured at the DPS Summit next year as well!

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