Video Sitemaps – Making your videos discoverable in WordPress

Being a forward-thinking, digital agency we are all about discovering new technology solutions, therefore we wished to share with you our recent use of Vimeo links within the WordPress framework online with regards to the benefits of Video Sitemaps.

Within the technological domain Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer and head of Google’s web spam team made it absolutely clear that Google Video Sitemaps are crucial for indexing video content and that publishers everywhere should create and submit video sitemaps (SMX Advanced Seattle 2012).

“…Video Sitemaps are something that we’re probably going to look at a little more closely. If you tell us where your videos are, we will try to index them a little bit harder,” Cutts said. “For example, if you think about things like Google TV, coming out in the fall, it’s in everybody’s interest that all the videos that are on the web be able to be very discoverable and very searchable. If you produce videos and you haven’t done a Video Site map, that is something that I would definitely recommend.”

With a powerful CMS framework like WordPress it is easy to embed Youtube and Vimeo footage by simply pasting the URL, with WordPress then automatically converting the link into rich embedded content.

The only slight niggle with the technology is that WordPress embeds Vimeo content using iframe, which Google did not index. However with a few small tweaks with the embed_oembed_html hook we have introduced a <noframes> tag for every Vimeo <iframe> ensuring that it is in a format that Google can comprehend.

Indeed a few days after implementing the technology onto the Engine Creative website Vimeo embedded content started to be indexed and voilà we had created another avenue for you all to see our lovely video work!

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