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As well as producing smartphone applications for our clients, we’re heavy app users ourselves. Predominantly iPhone, but we do have a few Androids among us, this is our list of must-have apps which have graced the Engine Creative smartphones in 2011, along with a mixed bag of comments from the team.

Here you go…

iTorch4 by Dan

Screen Shot iTorch4

Since the dawn of man’s time upon this Earth, a fear of the dark has cast its foreboding inky blackness upon his psyche.

For the cave dwellers, it was the cloak that hid the savage wolf… or worse. For me, it conceals the unsupported floor of my loft, beckoning me to put my foot through the bedroom ceiling.

The loft is dark… and with iTorch4,  I no longer fear it.

iBooks by Craig


Surprising. It’s part of iOS. It just sat there for a long time gathering digital dust. Surely the screen is too small for reading a book I said. And what about the smell! The lovely book smell!

Then I realised I was being an internet movie critic and should probably actually try it for myself before shooting it down in flames. So I bought a book. Well, I say bought. I downloaded a free copy of ‘A Study in Scarlet’ by Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s part of my mission to read the original stories that the brilliant Moffat ‘Sherlock’ episodes are based upon.

Over the next few days I discovered the great benefits of having a book on my phone. It’s always on you, wherever you are. Waiting outside ‘H&M’ for your other half? You have a book to read! Waiting at the station for a train? Book! Toilet? Book!

I’ve now got five books on my iPhone and it’s growing. I’ll never book back.

Paul’s tip bits:

Angry Birds

Angry birds

George loves it and it’s free.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet

Not saying I’ve got a bit of a habit, but when you fancy a little gamble on Utd, it’s there!

Sky View

Sky View

Just a nice little app that shows you where the big dipper is in the night sky and other little astrological stuff! Boom!

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

When you’ve not got any actual bubble-wrap to hand you can take your anger out on this!

Sky go

Sky Go

You can watch Sky sports anywhere now. So if Utd are playing and the wife wants to shop, everything is now OK!

Google Maps by Miroslav

Google Maps

It might sound a bit generic, as the app is very generic, but I couldn’t live without my Google Maps. I love live traffic information, great when you’re on the M1 or A14!

Latitude (part of Google Maps) is brilliant to check the whereabouts of Justin while he’s driving without ringing him. It shows where on the map your loved ones are. Some may say it’s a bit ‘stalkerish’ but there are different visibility settings so things don’t have to get too creepy.

I know it’s boring, but on my little Android it is the most used app. Even for regular destinations it’s great for traffic stats :-) so it’s always on.

Billy’s threesome:

Plants vs. Zombies


A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down your door.

Behance Network: Creative Portfolios & Galleries


Use Behance Network for iPhone to explore millions of creative projects by the world’s top creative talent. The app also offers the ultimate mobile portfolio that seamlessly syncs with your Behance projects.



The same classic Windows Solitaire game plus the ability to control card movements naturally by just swiping or tapping the cards on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Wunderlist by Tim


Free task manager/list maker. Sync online and between devices. Useful for everything from sharing a shopping list with the missus to website “to do” lists.

Instagram by Phil


If you look into the social folders on my phone, you’ll find a plethora of icons; some stand the test of time and some get dumped within a few days, but I can’t stop checking out the latest social apps wether it’s uploading images, logging in or checking out.

I love taking pictures and I love looking at pictures just as much, and Instagram fulfills those needs. There is a great community within the Instagram world that’s forever expanding. With a user base of almost 15 million, it’s looking to overtake Foursquare as the most widely used app, and thats before they launch the Android version in the new year.

Even with the v.2 update a few months ago, the UI and UX has stayed simple and straight forward, but I think it’ll need a bit of an overhaul soon to keep things fresh (I’m looking at you ‘Path’). Oh, and if you’re looking for the perfect desktop accompaniment to the Instagram app, then check out Instadesk, it’s by far the best one around at the moment.

Yeah, Instagram was Apple’s App of the year, and it’s mine.

Foursquare by Phil


Dominos have lost thousands of pounds through my mayorship, no only joking. My Foursquare usage has slowed down over the months, but I still use it regularly especially if I’m in new surroundings. Look, I get a free pair of pants if I’m the mayor here, only 7 more check-ins – Bonus!

Sonos by Matt


I use it every day and it’s good “n” stuff. ‘Nuff said.

Around Me by Michaela

Around Me

There is something rather reassuring about knowing you have an app in your bag that can give you live directions [telephone number] to the nearest pub, followed by a take away, failing the whole thing a taxi home… have to love “Around me”.

Shazam by Andy


It’s magic. Short and simple. Wherever I hear something new or old that sparks my audio interest, Shazam picks it up, tags it and gives me a musical diary of my year.

Combined with Spotify, I now have the soundtrack of my life in my pocket. Nice.

  • Instagram is a cool app. I think it is like looking at an arty photo book.

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