Tesco task Engine Creative to create spooky Augmented Reality treasure hunt

Take your little monsters on a hunt around the house with this fang-tastic game that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the game to life!

What is The Great Ghost Hunt?

Engine Creative has teamed up with Tesco to create the perfect ghoulish game for kids Halloween parties! The Great Ghost Hunt is a play-at-home Augmented Reality treasure hunt – all you have to do is print the clues available to download on Tescoliving.com and follow the instructions, have a selection of prizes at the ready, think about your hiding places and you’ll be good to go! The enhanced Augmented Reality treasure hunt uses the magic of AR and the updated Tesco Discover app to bring it alive.

We’ve created this handy video to give you a sneaky peaky.

How to play the Augmented Reality treasure hunt

1. Think about where you can hide your clues – it could be under a cushion, inside a book or behind a photo frame. Whatever you choose, make sure that the kids can get to it easily!

2. Print off the pages which you can download here, write down your clues (each clue should be a description of where to find the next one) and place them in your hiding spots.

3. Download the Tesco Discover app to your smartphone or tablet (available from the App Store or Google Play) and select the Great Ghost Hunt icon.

4. Leave a spook-tacular prize at your final hiding place for your lucky hunters – it could be sweets, Halloween costumes, or a selection of spooky craft activities… anything you want!

When the little ones find a clue, they will need to scan it with the Tesco Discover App to reveal a special animation. A tick will appear in each box when a clue is scanned as on-screen proof that the clue has been discovered. Collect and scan all six clues to complete The Great Ghost Hunt and reveal a final special spooky message…

Augmented Reality treasure hunt

For more information on what Engine Creative could create for your AR campaign please call Matt Key on 01604 453602 or fill out this contact us form to make your augmented dreams a reality.

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