TED talks and David sings!

The team here at Engine Creative HQ has been involved in the publishing sector for almost 15 years.  Back in 1997 we were talking to the UK’s leading publishers about the future of publications and how you would have web link codes at the end of a printed article to go online and find out more information or even watch videos.  At the time this had never been discussed in the publishing arena and was seen by many industry insiders as incredibly innovative.

Fast forward 15 years and the team at Engine Creative are still as pioneering as ever.  We’ve taken that vision and are now utilising the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) in the publishing sector to make traditional printed content a more engaging experience for the reader.

By using a bespoke App, the reader can now use their smartphone or tablet device to scan the printed page and open up a whole world of additional information; videos (much quicker than in 1997!), competitions, direct links to social media, the list goes on and on.

After creating the now ‘award winning’ first fully augmented monthly magazine with Top Gear, Engine Creative has turned their talents to the UK’s biggest entertainment weekly, heat magazine.  We don’t believe in small measures here, we know that Augmented Reality is the future for the printed magazine and we want to bring the wonders of AR to as many people as possible.

Using the technology is only the start.  The key to a successful augmented campaign is to create exciting content that makes the reader want to engage and we have the expertise to create unique and captivating content for one-off publications as well as medium to long-term campaigns.

TED blog and David

Auramsa, the developers of the Augmented Reality technology we partner with, also understand the importance of creativity in delivering effective AR campaigns and regularly use our creative solutions for their talks around the world.  Whether it’s showing off our album covers and Top Gear interactions at Appfest in Spain or using our heat pages for people to try on the TED website, our creative work is gaining global acclaim.

Click the following links to find out what we’ve been up to with Top Gear and heat or, for a general introduction into how you and your brand can unlock the potential of Augmented Reality, click here.

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