Spreading Digi-joy™ through digital innovations in 2013 and beyond

Digi-joy™. We all want a bit of it every now and then and we’ve spread our fair share of it around this year. Engine Creative has helped shape the way brands connect with their customers and has amassed an incredible 5.2m Digi-joy Moments™ in 2013 through various digital innovations!*

So, how do you define these new types of digital innovations?

Digi-joy™ comes in all shapes and sizes, from your very own mobile shopping companion to a monthly interactive hit of your favourite TV show.  It can also pull on your heartstrings and take you to magical new places; just look at the festive Facebook app we created for Thorntons.

Engine Creative - digital innovations

Other digital innovations which help to create Digi-joy™ can be found in two areas the Engine Creative has been busy working on in 2013; Augmented Reality and Digital Publishing. To help you understand the opportunities available to your brand in these emerging technologies we’ve put together two pages jam-packed full of facts, figures and case studies; just head over to the Augmented Reality or Digital Publishing service sections to get the insights.

We’re pretty super confident that Digi-joy™ will continue to dominate our lives in 2014 and beyond so think about the Digi-joy™ you’ve given in 2013 and remember to give generously next year.

*It’s not an exact science but Digi-joy Moments™ are based on over 200,000 app users x 26 digital campaigns = 5.2m.

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