Spotify <3 Facebook

"SpotiFace" Spotify and Facebook merge

Spotify has 10 million users. That’s quite a lot. But Facebook has 750 million. It makes Spotify look like the indie outsider.

After years of writing Facebook’s name on the cover of its schoolbooks amidst a sea of hearts, it’s finally happened. Those crazy kids got together.

Music is becoming a seamless part of Facebook. “Play” buttons will pop up all over your Facebook feed which means you can instantly begin playing music via the Spotify/Facebook application. Users will have a new dashboard showing which artists and tracks are popular between their friends, while sharing what they are listening to. Facebook is plugging in to your playlist.

Spotify compares this to “the thrill of looking through a friend’s music collection and finding a track that blows your mind”.

Facebook’s America users alone spent 53.5 billion minutes online in May 2011 and with these figures in mind it makes sense for them to be able to listen to their music (and their friends) while online.

But it isn’t all hugs and puppies. I’ll put it simply:

You now need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify.

That’s right. When new users want to sign up to Spotify a Facebook profile is essential. No longer can you be a music lover and a Facebook hater. From this day forward, if you find Spotify you have to find Facebook as well. For the moment, this requirement is not a necessity for existing Spotify users; the change will only affect new members wishing to sign up for either the paid or free service… But it’s all a little bit pervasive.

Is this an infringement on your freedom of social networking choice?

People may argue that Spotify have sold out to the larger orginisation to expand their own brand. By doing this a future with Facebook has been set in stone, where Spotify offer their free music service for all users. This seems to be a leap backwards from the recent changes made to encourage people to move to the paid monthly subscriptions.

The question has to be asked, who will gain the most from this new collaboration? After all, everyone listens to music but a social networking profile is not top on everyones “need” list. This may be a step backwards for Spotify turning away new users who do not have or indeed want a Facebook account.

Has Spotify made the classic mistake of shunning it’s old friends when the shiny, new relationship comes along?

  • Juri

    This is not the first time Spotify have made changes with signup. When it first started everybody got unlimited amount of songs to listen for free, and then they put on a new limit for new subscribers. . .

    But I guess there are not a lot of people not on Facebook to make it a big problem…

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  • BluMan

    Even tho Myspace was outpaced by facebook years ago, It has taken facebook a long time to catch up with myspace in terms of integrating music into social networking.

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