The Social Beauty of San Francisco

I think San Francisco might actually top New York as my favourite place in the States.

There are so many beautiful areas and places to see, such as Union Square, Mission, The Wharf and Chinatown to name only a handful. The people of San Francisco are all incredibly friendly, and the whole place oozes a cultural vibe I haven’t felt in any other US city. I don’t want this to turn into a gushing travel piece, I was really here to talk about instragram.

I recently posted a set of San Francisco photos I took on Instagram (my social photo app of choice) and there are a few here in the post. The result of posting these images has been that I’ve opened up a whole San Francisco social network of images and people through the app. Before this I was posting general images of all different things going on, but housing these images together formed a greater response which I then delved further into. People now regularly ask me for more SF images, and people contact me with their shots of SF and it’s really nice to see other people’s takes on similar views.

You could say that this is the whole point of the social network and the ultimate goal is for everyone to share everything to everyone and it’s even better when an unexpected community grows without you really doing anything. By the way everyone – I’m running out of San Fransisco images, I was only there for 6 days!

If you want to see more, download Instagram now and search for me (thestandin). Thanks.

San Fran
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