The rise and rise of brand Bond…

With the latest James Bond offering “Skyfall” being released this Friday (26th October), the UK is becoming embroiled in Bond Mania once again. After hundreds of villains, gadgets, car chases and Bond girls, the brand is still as successful today as it was 50 years ago.

James Bond’s appeal lies in the fact that the franchise is quintessentially British; he’s well spoken, has impeccable dress sense and has an eye for the ladies unlike any other film protagonist.  But it is the brand’s ability to reinvent itself across the decades that has ensured that Bond has remained relevant to new generations with Daniel Craig’s ‘grittier’ Bond bringing the brand firmly back into the present.

Bond represents an aspirational ideal to men to the extent that Asda have reported a 68% rise in suit sales leading up to the film’s release, and Omega are predicting a sell-out of its limited edition Skyfall watch.  The Bond brand has even added a 007 fragrance to its collection, a further extension to the franchise.  In a year when the eyes of the world has been firmly on London, interest in all things British has never been higher, which does all but add to the international appeal of the brand.

Here at Engine Creative, interest in the Bond films is high.  Phil’s tweet of all of the Bond titles pulled together into one neat opening titles homage reignited our interest in all things Bond.  Many of the title sequences are design classics and have become almost as anticipated as the film itself…

1. Diamonds Are Forever – Really nice visuals here and diamonds galore in these opening titles – vintage Bond at work.

2. The Spy Who Loved Me – Only Bond could make cartwheels and pirouettes around a gun cool.  What more could you ask for?

3. Licence to Kill – Shadows of dancing girls?  Check.  Casino imagery?  Check.  A gun?  Check.  Bond waves goodbye to the 80s with a bang!

4. Goldeneye – Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as Bond is introduced with fire and statues.

5. Casino Royale – Daniel Craig’s first appearance as Bond and one of the most sophisticated opening sequences in my opinion!

We’ve also hunted out some amazing Bond related images from the goldmine that is Retronaut.

So there you have it, a whistle-stop tour of Bond through the ages.  He might be stereotypical and bordering on sexist at times but Bond has weaved himself into British culture and remains as popular as ever. Thank you Mr Bond, it’s been a pleasure.

  • Catherine

    Oh how I adore Bond! I started a Bond marathon about six months ago to finish in time for Skyfall and managed just in time (the day of Skyfall was a triple bill of Casino Royale for breakfast, Quantum of Solace for lunch and an supper of Skyfall. Fantastic. Having watched all of them again the title sequences have been a crucial point to follow – particularly charting the preferred body type of the silhouetted women from 1960s to now and when Bond looses his hat! Anyway, my favourite sequences include Dr No (utterly 1962, especially love the dance frenzy), Goldfinger (simple, iconic), A View to a KIll (flurotastic!), Goldeneye (Sov kitsch chic) and Casino Royale (just brilliant).

    Their product placement can detract from the film, accidentally Brechtian in its shaking you out of the film and into the harsh reality that it is a fiction and fictions need finance systems. That said, what sumptuous products they place – the Tom Ford suits, the DB5…yep the product placement has worked on me.

  • Thanks for your response Catherine, yes of course the disappearing hat! I completely agree with your point on the product placements, as long as we don’t have Bond in a Adidas tracksuit, or eating a bargain bucket in a KFC (god forbid!) I cannot see any other method of funding such film blockbusters!

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