Playing Bingo with The Stig

Engine Creative has continued their long-term collaboration with Top Gear by playing bingo with The Stig.

Yep, you heard me correctly, to coincide with the launch of Series 19 of Top Gear on the BBC’s Entertainment, HD, Knowledge and America channels back in February, Top Gear launched a free second screen app ingeniously titled ‘Top Gear Bingo!’

The App, available on the iPad, encourages Top Gear viewers watching the TV show across the world to study the programme closely and mark off their bingo card as soon as they see or hear items on their second screen App. Correctly spotted items enable users to score points and share their scores via Facebook.

Our part in the campaign was to film and produce the supporting television commercial that was screened across Europe, Asia and the US to promote the Top Gear Bingo! App.  Once The Stig started playing the App we couldn’t get him out of his comfy chair so we airlifted him out of his living room and dropped him in the studio to record his dexterous game play for posterity.  You can see the results here…

As we identified in our previous posts, viewers’ browsing habits are changing with more and more consumers watching television with a trusty second screen device (i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop) to hand and the Top Gear brand continues to evolve and find new ways of engaging with their growing number of global fans (the UK version is watched in 214 territories by 350 million people and is currently dubbed into eight languages: Farsi, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian and Russian!)

Hey, if the Top Gear Bingo! App is good enough for The Stig, then it’s good enough for us!

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