Photoshop CS6 Beta-Billy

March 21 saw Adobe release their latest preview for Photoshop and this time it wasn’t just another five point something, this time, it was CS6 – Beta.

I’ve taken the latest release under my wing and have been using it constantly and I’ve found it to be an encouraging step forward in the way Adobe view and build their products.

I’m loving:

  • the slick dark canvas and tools
  • the 3D integration
  • the ability to search layers by layer-type
  • the ‘oh-so-needed’ and previously missed outline styles
  • the behind the scenes saving
  • the fact that the FX blending options have been beneficially rearranged

I think Adobe should fix:

  • the speed my computer is handling simple requests
  • the uncertainty of when my trial will actually run out
  • the fact I can’t have the full version now

I suggest and advise anyone interested in Photoshop CS6 to get hold of the latest release, plug in and play and let me know what you think.


  • I’ve just found by merging shape layers into one layer, they no longer rasterise and instead create a conjoined shape layer. In previous versions of Photoshop they became rasterised and that was annoying. Top dollar. Nice.

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