Number Dub memory game app out now!

Number Dub is a super-addictive finger tapping memory game that combines a glitchy retro graphic style with beat-heavy Dubstep tunes.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play, Number Dub is the latest output from the Engine Lab, our R&D team here at Engine Creative.

The premise of the game is simple; all you have to do is follow the number sequence shown to you on screen although you’ll soon realise that the memory of a dolphin and ninja-fingers are needed to progress through the levels.

Number Dub - the Dubstep memory game

As Creative Director Phil Christer explains, the visual and sound design play a big part in the overall game experience:

“Number Dub was developed with a simple brief to create an addictive and accessible mobile game in 4 weeks. As part of our commitment to creating innovative digital experiences for brands, we wanted to explore game mechanics in more detail and without the usual constraints that inevitably come with client work.

The original design direction was heavily influenced by Jeff Minter’s video games created in the 80s. The Dubstep soundtrack and SFX bring this retro design bang up to date and create a really intense backdrop for the memory game. Throw in plenty of kittens, skulls and turtles and there’s enough distractions to put off the most focussed of gamers.

Number Dub is so simple and yet incredibly addictive as there’s always a new level and hidden surprises to keep users going back for more!”

Number Dub is available now for iOS and Android, so download it now and jump onboard the kitty train.

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