Mouse tracker: Designer vs Developer


In a “quick” experiment spanning a whole working day I decided to track my mouse movements and those of Miroslav, our Senior Developer. Why? you may ask, because the programme IOGraphica makes it easy and because the end result is so cool. IOGraphica captures all your mouse movements and draws them on a blank canvas leaving you with a beautiful image of your days work.

So what do the images really mean? The trails are just movement lines, while stops are indicated as circles. The bigger the circle appears the longer the mouse was still for. The results either show how focussed Miroslav (our developer) is compared to me or how much work I cover with my magic mouse movements. I’ll let you decide.

Miroslav – Developer


Billy – Designer


Download this nifty little app and happy mousing!

  • miroslav

    Hmm, must check on an app that tracks keystrokes. Could be quite interesting to compare that as well.

  • Lizzie

    This is actually awesome!

  • Billy Clarke

    Miroslav, I’ve found a few keyloggers, however, they’re more your thing (TERMINAL)… Lizzie, it’s great, isn’t it :) Whoop whoop!

  • Dennis

    Does Billy drink more coffee than Miroslav by chance?

  • Billy Clarke

    Hi Dennis, I believe I do… Can you tell ;)

  • Mark

    This is cool, tried it out today then set it as my wallpaper, looks crazy. Better if it actually drew to your desktop in real time. Then at the end of the day you can find the slackers easier.

    Also works across multiple monitors.

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