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In my first day here on work experience following winning the annual student Engine Creative Prize, I’ve been asked to look at the growing number of mobile analytics services in the market.

Mobile applications are continuously becoming more and more popular and advertising within apps is also proving to be an effective way to communicate with audiences. Creating an app for a brand is now commonplace (alongside the website, Twitter account, Facebook account, etc) as part of a broader strategy to help brands connect and engage with their audience. 

Ensuring you are creating the best app you possibly can for your audience is paramount, and thankfully there are some brilliant services out there to help you to target and spend precious budget efficiently. I’ve looked at two such services causing a buzz right now:

 Through the use of their analytical tools, Flurry has been able to determine that the average time spent on each app session is 4.2 minutes. During each session the user will encounter an average of 4.3 adverts. This is key for brands with apps or brands advertising through apps as it demonstrates how long they have to engage with their target audience.

Flurry has also been able to predict that advertising within apps will overtake the use of apps online and values the US mobile inventory at $4.5bn by the end of 2012.
This is also very important for brands and could cause brands to re-evaluate how much energy they channel into each aspect of their marketing-mix. For example, taking as much care over their app ads as online ads.

Europe App Usage

Above is an example of Flurry’s free blogpost data.

Mpression provides a user-friendly way of researching, planning and buying media. It allows the user to view specific areas of interest and compare them.

Mpression Interface

The nitty-gritty quantitative data can also be viewed if desired to formulate hard figures.

After this stage is complete, the campaign planner can then begin to use the Mpression Media Planner to input budgets and price points. The Mpression Media Planner is designed to make the job of the media planner run smoothly and ensure all areas are considered.

Mpression also offers ROI tracker tags, very handy for gaining insight into how effective the campaign has been. The ROI tracker tags could be set to indicate when someone has visited a certain page, or filled out a specific form.

Both offer ways to simplify data to help identify and target audiences easily. They both have efficient ways of segmenting the market and looking at share of voice. They both even compare your app stats against other apps. Flurry and Mpression also state that using their data and services will ensure the creation of better mobile applications.

It is understandable after a recent surge of app interest and users, that companies have been switched on and seen great opportunity in understanding mobile application usage in greater detail. There are plenty more companies out there investigating consumer’s attitudes towards mobile applications and, as the market matures, we can expect to see even more widespread and complex analytics across all consumer platforms.

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