We’re watching the Watchmen

There’s something heartwarming about living in a town that’s also the home to one of the world’s greatest comic writers, especially when you spot his hulking frame walking down the street, full flowing beard, ornate walking cane in hand often offset by a pair of Nike trainers.

Alan Moore is notorious for his dislike of the movie adaptations of his work, which brings us to Watchmen (considered by many as Moore’s greatest work). The movie of which opens today in the UK and one of the masked ’heroes’ is vigilante psychopath… Rorschach. Named after the psychological evaluation test created by Hermann Rorschach in 1921.Rorschach’s outfit, while not extravagant by superhero standards (rain mac and trilby hat) is offset by something unique, his facemask which is an ever-shifting symmetrical inkblot pattern. So for a little visual excursion here are some Rorschach related links:

All about Rorschach from Watchmen

Rorschach inspired paintings from Gilles Balmet

The International Society of the Rorschach method

And do yourself a favour and make sure you read the original…

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