Creativity is good for business

It is official now: the creative industry is hugely important to the UK economy. According to a recent report published by The Work Foundation, the creative industry in the UK accounts for 7.3% of the GDP. That is almost as much as the financial sector!

According to The Independent, “creative industries fuel Britain’s economic growth”.

More and more international companies realise that Britain has a lot of creative talent and they spend around £2 billion a year on design, advertising and architecture in Britain. In fact, last year we beat America in the world of excellence in advertising for the first time.

Design is a key part of the knowledge industry because new ideas come from creative design and from creative minds looking at old issues in a new way.

It is good that creativity gets this type of recognition because all too often it can be dismissed as a luxury rather than an integral part of business growth. Creative agencies play a part in the economic growth of Britain and Engine for one is proud to be part of that.

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