A Valentine’s alternative for girls who are bored of chocolate and flowers

Valentine’s day is almost here (two weeks before for us girls is definitely nearly here), so for any guys that haven’t started thinking of what to get that special girl in their life, it’s time to do so!

This post is dedicated to alternative special gift ideas that will wow her, without costing the earth. Yes, chocolate and flowers are safe, but let’s face it nobody wants to come across as ‘Mr Safe’.

So, for those of you who want to be ‘Mr OMG I love you!’ here are some ideas to help get you there:

These headphones are beyond cool, they’re stylish, sexy and fun. Even better news is that Lady GaGa did not make them herself – they’re made by Monster, who produced Beats Dr Dre headphones, so you know you’re getting super high quality.

Black available for only £49.99 from PC World.

The new iPod Nano is the newest in the iPod range and, with its new multi touch display and cute pocket size, it’s a sure winner. Red is only available from the Apple Store making it that extra bit special and now Apple are also offering free engraving for that personal touch.

£131 with free engraving from Apple.

Balcony T-shirts have loads of great T-shirts at bargain prices, but this has to be one of my favourites partly because I didn’t understand it until one of our developers explained binary code to me. Although, if you do go for a gift like this, you might want to throw in a box of chocolates as well.

£12.50 from Balcony T-shirts.

A digital camera for only £70 – a great V-day gift without breaking the bank. This camera oozes cool AND femininity. It’s easy to use, has a large bright screen and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes the hassle out of normal AA batteries.

Mark Hill’s Raw Collection makes the often tedious task of taming your locks that bit more fun. The hair straighteners (£49.99) and the hairdryer (£29.99) are now both half price at Boots. There are also a variety of other appliances, such as curling tongs, and most come in a range of in-your-face patterns.

I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that a relaxing bath can help wash away pretty much any stress we have encountered during the day. And, as most women will also know, lighting hundreds of candles, while relaxing, can be extremely dangerous, very messy and can even make a bath uncomfortably hot. The alternative, obviously, are lights. However, sticking these all over the bath can look unattractive when the lights are turned back on and also cost quite a bit.

The solution I have found is one light that floats in the bath to cause a light show below and above the water line. It is colour changing and has five different sequences. This is a great V-day present so long as you run the bath for her, and provide a massage to accompany it.

Underwater Light Show just £7.95 from PrezzyBox.

I hope these suggestions have provided some inspiration. Please feel free to let me know if you try any of these or if you have suggestions of your own!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Billy

    Lizzie, great idea with the bath lights, I shall be purchasing some, very soon :D

  • Jo

    I loved this post – fabulous ideas! I’m going to email the link to my boyfriend and hope he takes a hint!

  • fabulous ideas! I’m going to email the link to my boyfriend and hope he takes a hint!

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