heat brand identity review

As well as helping to integrate mobile into the multichannel strategy for the hugely successful heat brand, Engine Creative has just completed an extensive brand identity review of heat.

Bringing the brand back together

The rapid growth of the heat brand across various channels had resulted in a disjointed brand which lacked consistency.  We set about the process of reviewing the brand and developing a new identity with a key objective of making sure that heat fans start to identify and connect with a brand which is much, much more than a magazine.

The TV channel, radio station, website and mobile offering have become the brand touch points whereby consumers connect with a clearly defined and distinctive heat brand.  This shift in emphasis allows their growing audience to consume heat’s ‘everything entertainment’ content in a variety of ways which reflect their increasingly digital lives.

Delivering a multichannel heat following the brand identity review

The new re-brand retains the recognisable heat logo as its foundation with additional descriptors and icons used to differentiate between channels.  This simple approach enables heat to expand their offering in the future and builds on the strong heritage of the magazine.


heat brand identity review - before


heat brand identity review - after

The new branding as now been rolled out across all channels.

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