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We have always known that Dan is a world class illustrator but it is always nice to see fellow illustrators acknowledge his talent.

The esteemed publication Luerzer’s Archive has chosen four of Dan’s illustrations to be published in the upcoming ‘Top 200 Illustrators World Wide’.

The publication selects the best work from thousands of submissions from all over the world and publishes work of what it considers to be the 200 best illustrators. The works selected were created by Dan for the Masters CD project from music label Renaissance. Dan specialises in illustrations and has seen his work published in a wide variety of industry publications.

“It is fantastic to have my work selected for such a high profile publication. It is especially rewarding to know highly respected people in the industry consider the work to be amongst the best in the world.”

The illustrations were created combining digital collage techniques and hand drawings.

“I really wanted to inject a bespoke, handcrafted element into the work and give the finished illustrations the kind of depth that you can really only achieve by putting pen to paper.”

‘Top 200 Illustrators World Wide’ is set to be published in June 2009.

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