Top Gear Men of the Year 2010 illustrations

The 2010 Top Gear Awards are officially out in print as part of a special edition Top Gear magazine. Held in China, the theme of the magazine lies in the fantastically cultured heart of Southern Asian history.  The magazine is a visual display of the world’s greatest, most efficient, fastest and sexiest cars of 2010 with Top Gear’s Men of the Year expertly illustrated on two double page spreads consisting of 8 different posters in 8 different styles.

Engine Creative was given the task to reflect this theme with illustrations of all candidates including Tom Cruise, Danny Bahar, Hiromu Naruse and Charles ‘Spen’ King. The themes vary from the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 60s, Sumi-e (a form of classical Asian ink/wash painting) to the Kung Fu movies of the 70s (an ode to Kung Fu greats Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li).

Each highly stylised illustration is bespoke to the individual and Engine Creative has once again risen to the challenge of the Top Gear creative team.

It was quite a task creating 8 different poster styles but definitely worth it, really got our creative juices flowing. The team here at Engine Creative have their favourite designs from Top Gears Men Of The Year 2010 but we would like to know what your favourite is. 

Comment and let us know what you think of the illustrations and which poster you wouldn’t mind walking past everyday hanging on your wall!

  • Sebastian Loeb is my favorite

  • Dario Franchitti – the theme is awesome

  • Danny Bahar for me. Full of red loveliness.

  • Paul Chisholm

    Charles King… Cracking Union Jackage plus the whole East meets West stuff. Nice!

  • I’m a big fan of Charles ‘Spen’ King – classic Brittannica!

  • Biily Clarke

    Close call between Danny Bahar & Charles ‘Spen’ King for me…

  • tina kemp

    It is the best at looking retro
    (Danny Bahar in 2nd)

  • billy clarke

    Yes Tina-tron, thanks for voting gally :)

  • phil

    One up for Dario Franchitti from me – it’s a high kick of an illo.

  • Lizzie Howland

    I like Hiromu Naruse – simple black and white with only a dash of red – all the focus on him

  • I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that.

  • Pretty good post. I hope you create more in the future..

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