The Engine Creative Christmas Annual 2007

“Absolutely loved it!” – Emma Trant, Universal Music Group

“That’s properly wicked. had me giggling for ages and then I got covered in sparkles…!” – Tal Watson, Ministry of Sound

“What an incredible little booklet! Thanks so so much, very clever!” – Kathryn Gilfeather, Universal Music Group

The release of Engine Creative’s Christmas Annual 2007 has created quite a storm at desktops all over the country. Available both online and in a limited printed edition, the Yuletide Oddities Christmas Annual 2007 replaced Engine Creative’s traditional Christmas cards.

The little book is full of Christmas cheer and quirky thoughts created by Engine Creative and was emailed to all our clients. Some very advanced jiggery-pokery from our web-development team and Flash-gurus meant that each and every Annual was personalised with the details of each individual recipient.

A limited edition was printed and an even more limited edition was printed and personalised. If you would like to receive your own copy then please email me with your details and explain why you are worthy of such a great festive freebie (in no more than 25 words).

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