The Box of Wonderment & Make Believe

The team at Engine Creative has been very good this year so Santa gave us one wish and we chose to give our lovely clients a bit of Christmas magic. 

 The elves fingers might be red raw, but they did manage to get everything wrapped up, packed and sent off in time for our clients to receive their ‘night before Christmas’ box of delights.


The ‘Box of Wonderment and Make Believe’ consists of:

– Fresh baked mince pies from Santa’s bakery

– A cut out Santa’s bootprint template

– Snow Fakes (to sprinkle over Santa’s bootprint template)

– Santa’s Potion (a nip of whisky for the big man to keep the winter chill at bay)

– A carrot for Rudolph et al 

– Sparkly Reindeer Oats (just how the pulling team like them)  

Special instructions for the ‘Box of Wonderment and Make Believe’ are included and the reward for constructing this magical box of festivity is the awe and wonder on the little (and big) ones faces as they cast their gaze upon the remnants of the Christmas visitors in their very own home. Aaaah, loverly!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our old and new clients for a wonderful year. We’ve worked on some cracking projects with you all and look forward to some great projects and good times in 2011.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Engine Creative and have a smashing New Year!

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