Lunchtime experiment; 3D anaglyph

How to make your own; get an image, make two duplicate layers, splitting one into a red only channel and the other into a blue only layer. After, offset them from the original image (what I did was to nudge the red over to the left by two tabs and the blue by one tab to the right) and you’ll start to see weird overlays forming.

Obviously, ’cause I’m a designer, I played a wee bit more than that – adding extra layers and creating personal offsets for each layer – and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Not too bad for a first attempt and in my lunch.

I challenge you to post your own! Simply comment below, with your link and a bit about your image. I’ll do some sort of announcement of who wins in 2 weeks. What will you win… erm, not too sure yet, BUT, having your name on the Engine Creative website and being titled ‘WINNER’ is pretty amazing in itself!

Come fly on the Meridian with me and the guys at Engine Creative, this is Billy Clarke, over and out.

  • MB

    That’s rubbish. We accept your challenge, you asked for it!

  • Billy Clarke

    You’re on your way to being crowned ‘WINNER’ on the Engine Creative website, you’ll make MB proud :)

  • This effect is win! I’m totally inspired now to make my own. Nice frame too

  • Billy Clarke

    Aaron, please do get involved; there are plenty of tutorials around if you cannot follow my guidelines, but it’s pretty easy, ay MB ;) Submit a link when you’re done, pergh-leeeeeze!

  • Billy Clarke

    Oh, and this is my HiRes version of the above;

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