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Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines (MBHPE) are Formula 1 engine builders working with the likes of McLaren, Brawn GP (now Mercedes GP) and Force India and drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Engine Creative teamed up with them to create an illustration and marketing collateral for a series of student recruitment events around the country.

The graduate recruitment campaign is aimed at bringing in the most talented individuals needed to maintain Northamptonshire’s reputation as the home of motorsport in the UK. Based in the heart of Northamptonshire, Engine Creative has been ideally located to work with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. We have also created numerous corporate videos for teams based at Silverstone and Rockingham and have a close relationship with both world renowned circuits.

Other significant automotive brands to benefit from the Engine Creative effect include Parker’s (website refresh), MCN (advertising campaign, event collateral), MTV’s Pimp My Ride (car graphics), Ride (interactive DVD kiosks), Bike (illustrations), BF Goodrich (promotional video), Autosport International and Pistonheads (UK TV advertising campaign, event collateral), Redline (magazine refresh, illustration), Max Power and Max Power Live (Magazine redesign, advertising campaign, event collateral), Top Gear (brand development, web development, illustrations and Flash interactions) and Toyo Tires (European advertising campaign, TV advertising, marketing collateral).

Engine Creative has also worked on road safety campaigns for various UK government initiatives to complete a truly well-rounded portfolio of work for the automotive industry.

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